Michelle Ann Collins - How To Inhabit Joy After Loss

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Loss takes many forms, and whatever it is, losing something or someone can really impact your life and how you live. A lot of people dealing with loss get stuck in grieving and lose hope in life! Join Candice as she speaks with Michelle Ann Collins about finding joy after tough times. Michelle's experiences can help others facing similar situations to move forward. No matter what you've been through, you can still have a happy and fulfilling life! Stay tuned!

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About Michelle:

As the founder of Inhabit Joy, Michelle Ann Collins partners with individuals who have suffered grief, injury, or other types of loss as they recover, reclaim their wholeness and build resilience for life’s inevitable challenges. After a series of losses, including the death of her mother, her husband’s suicide, and estrangements from primary family members, Michelle combined the tools she had collected as a yoga therapist and wellness coach and studies in positive psychology, neuroscience, meditation, and mindfulness, and spirituality to turn post-traumatic stress disorder into post-traumatic growth and resilience.

With the addition of certifications in grief education and grief yoga and several bestselling books in which she shares her story, Michelle helps others transform from barely surviving to joyful thriving. Michelle teaches and coaches in private, corporate, and small group settings and enjoys sharing her skills and experience through speaking and facilitating workshops and retreats.

Deeply connected with the healing powers of nature, Michelle spends her leisure time hiking among the trees or paddling on the rivers near her home in Portland, Oregon.


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